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Value System

Core Value

Customer Satisfaction
Make customer satisfied with Product and Service Differentiation, Customer’s Value is a Top Priority on All Business. Besides, Create continuous New Customer and Recreate Existing Customer.
Precision Management
Comply with the Principles on Business Process and Manage Proper Company with Integrity Pursue Mutual evelopment based upon Honest and Fair Business Relationship with Partners.
Accompanied Growth
We fulfill social responsibilities as a public corporation that contributes much brighter society through a variety of social corporate philanthropic activities and a community, partner, and labor's participation in management which leads to a possibility of development.

Strategic Subject
and Vision

Strategic Subject

Achieve Top Customer Satisfaction
Achieve Top Customer Satisfaction on Public Institution and All Sectors of Business.
Strengthen Core Capabilities
Prepare Reinforcement based upon Convenience Store, Specialty Store, Vending Machine,Marketing, and Tally Business.
Find out Continuous Growth
Creating New Business, Growth Engines, and Investment Expansion for Continuous Growth.


National Company that Creates Customer Happiness and Value through Sales Goal of 2trillion won in 2020


Contribute to the Social Development through Management by Fidelity to the Principles and Top Priority of Customer Satisfaction.

service slogan:  smile. smart, speed